Glickman Real Estate Development
Furnished Oakland Student Apartments

5821 Forward Ave.  near Murray Ave. PGH PA 15217

(across from Squirrel Hill Movie Theatre)
Temporary Oakland sub-office: rear of 427 McKee Pl, Directions
(412) 521-9555   Fax 866-461-2790

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Thank you for inquiring about Fall term rentals. We strongly believe that you should treat renting seriously and suggest that you analyze what a QUALITY LANDLORD has to offer.

All of our apartments are FULLY FURNISHED (beds, desks, dressers, lamps, sofas, chairs tables etc...) with HIGH QUALITY furniture. With Glickman Real Estate you do not have to deal with the costly hassle of buying and selling furniture or living with hand-me-downs.

We lease LARGE 2 & 3 bedroom apartments (and a few 1 bedrooms) in smaller original (non-converted) buildings: double duplexes (4 units), triplexes (3 units), and one six unit apartment building totaling 37 Pitt campus units, not too many that you are not a mere number to us, but enough that we have a full time COMPETENT staff.  These apartments are conveniently located within walking distance of the Cathedral (note the Map);  South Oakland is the closest residential area to the University of Pittsburgh and is almost wholly occupied by students, nurses and older residents;  the shops and restaurants are unique;  the streets are narrow and intimate and are as safe (if not safer) than any surrounding area. 

Regarding SERVICE, our full time employees are mandated to please and provide tenant satisfaction.  We believe this "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" is our most distinguishing feature and sets us apart from other landlords.  As proof, we invite you to visit our tenants in our absence (as well as our competitors' tenants) to obtain unbiased opinions to compare landlords.

Moreover, since we are OWNER MANAGED, we have more direct concern.  This also means you and/or your parents have the option of meeting with the owner to discuss any problems.

Glickman Real Estate has the BEST VALUES on campus when you consider our large apartments, quality furniture, and superior service.

We will be proud to show you our selection of large furnished apartments.

  Most sincerely,

Steve Glickman

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